How to enhance IT Risk Management


describe the imageMuch attention has been paid to data breaches lately, with a slew of well known companies suffering major incidents. To help other companies avoid incidents of their own, a recent GovInfoSecurity report highlighted a number of steps chief information security officers can take to ensure data security is as effective as possible.

Before a breach even occurs, it's imperative to educate and communicate IT risk management best practices to employees. By doing so, the risk of suffering a security incident will be reduced, the report stated.

Companies should then ensure they are up to date on all legal requirements, such as PCI compliance standards. Completing this step will highlight areas of data security programs that need attention or updating.

Finally, various business units must work together. Because many areas within an organization utilize the same business or customer data, it's important that all practice the same protection measures to keep the information safe and the company running smoothly.

Data security firm CheckPoint recently released a similar report. Scott McKinnel, a regional director for CheckPoint, said determining where sensitive information is stored is paramount in securing the data.