B2B integration builds better business relationships


It’s easier to do business with someone that speaks the same language as you do. The same is true for the files, documents and information your business deals with on a day-to-day basis. If you are able to easily translate your information into a format that is accessible by your business partners, employees and clients; there will be much less disruption in the process of communicating and collaborating.

B2B integration tools and software are part of a new generation of communication and file-sharing platforms that enable a more integrated business model while supporting international expansion and enterprise collaboration. Technology is the driving force behind efficient communication between businesses, and B2B integration tools are leading the way in revamping the current global marketplace.

Business-to-Business integration solutions impacting business relationships
describe the imageAccording to Business 2 Community, companies are leveraging the technology to change the way entities interact in the business world. Ease of communication and flexibility of file sharing has made interactions simple and instant. Accessing key data points on-demand and making important decisions while referencing reports with real-time information is speeding up industry advancements and helping businesses achieve endpoints more efficiently. B2B integration tools also evolve with your company, as your company grows, your solutions can be customized to fit your new needs without implementing a completely new program.

A bank that needs to transfer sensitive customer information from one of their branches to a corporation would not be able to do so over an email. B2B transfers help information get from one place to another safely and accurately, whether the branch is in Boise and the headquarters is in Charlotte. But B2B and EDI solutions aren’t just for huge enterprises, they are scalable according to your business needs and parameters.  

B2B integration capabilities

B2B integration technology creates a secure and flexible platform through which a company can share information and communicate with trading partners while supporting a variety of standards, protocols, data formats and files. Leading solutions enable data mapping and translation capabilities, as well as security features to ward off costly breaches, losses or corruption of business-critical information. Some solutions also offer intelligent onboarding capabilities with self-provisioning features to make it easier for trading partners to connect with the company and manage interactions. Furthermore, with industry-leading solutions, like IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, companies can expect to access:

  • End-to-end process automation with routing, business rule validation, delivery, alerting, exception handling and archiving features
  • Process modeling, execution and orchestration capabilities
  • Consistent practices across all partner interactions and transactions
  • Centralized visibility into business processes, with real-time capabilities to address problems before they have a significant impact
  • Mobile monitoring, management and tracking capabilities
  • Aggregate views of business documents and KPI management
  • Ability to halt functions, run or restart business processes as need be to adjust operations

Furthermore, specific B2B integration applications provide companies with additional features and capabilities to meet specific goals or demands. The customizable apps allow enterprises to address certain weaknesses, problems, new ventures or models to collect information and monitor progress.

Your company can leverage these apps to oversee operations, make adjustments and collaborate with peers to strengthen ties and growth strategies in each market or region, B and T reported. Having a powerful, and most importantly, customized solution for your business operations such as trading, supply chain, information transfer, monitoring and predicting trends will eliminate the long learning curve associated with new software system implementation.

B2B integration, EDI and managed file transfers can be confusing and we're here to help you sort it all out. To get started, please enjoy our free kit that contains case studies, solution options and a white paper about building a business case for B2B integration: