IT Outsourcing - Five Questions You Should be Asking


As the prevalance of IT service outsourcing rises rapidly - by 61% in just the past year in the financial sector - more businesses are becoming interested in learning about their different options in IT services, IT staffing and IT outsourcing. 

Partnering with industry experts in IT has undeniable benefits; everyone from the mom-and-pop shop to a mid-sized retail establishment can enjoy:

  • reduced costs
  • lower investment in IT infrastructure and maintenance
  • IT consistency and compliance
  • freedom to allocate resources elsewhere in the company for growth and development.
Starting the conversation can be understandably confusing, there are countless services and options to choose from in the Information Technology world. To select the best options for your company's needs, managers and CEOs must ask the right questions.

Top questions

1. What will kind of ROI can I expect to see by outsourcing IT?

Chances are, there are current extraneous and unnecessary costs within your IT sector. From your bandwidth costs to your web designer, an IT consultant can help you identify where you could be budgeting better. Choosing an expert to consult with your business and identify cost-saving streamlining opportunities at all levels of the company will increase your return on investment in IT Services. 

2. What is your response time?

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Having an IT service that it committed to responding to your inquiries, troubleshooting issues and emergency systems management in a rapid fashion is vital. If your systems need troubleshooting, and you have an important client visiting in an hour; trusting your IT service provider to be timely is key. This also includes access to data in real-time 24/7.  If your important work data is not always available and current, this could also result in decision makers making judgements based on old or inaccurate information.

3. Can you explain these technical terms in a way my team will understand?

Managers should also understand how the technology platform being used by the providers will operate at every level throughout their organization. Doing so will decrease the learning curve of integrating a new IT system and also increase operational efficiency. 

4. How can I use your services to improve my business?

It is important for companies to understand what business process integration tools are offered by the third party providers. Many IT services providers have integration capabilities and solutions that allow for increased interoperability between departments. This, in turn, allows companies to run more efficiently and can improve ROI of investing in a quality IT service. What is vital to a company with many partners is that the integration solutions are not only accessible to you, but also to your clients.

5. How do you define visibility?

According to Logistics View Points, companies looking to partner with IT services providers should understand how the contractor defines visibility. CEOs and managers should discuss with the potential contractor how much transparency will be made available to management, the core company and other departments, and what IT information will have higher levels of data security. It is important that certain information, especially in fields like healthcare and finance, that sensitive data is protected for the peace-of-mind of you and your clients.

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