Cloud Technology Solutions a Smart Choice for Small Business IT


Current research suggests the small-business sector is increasing investment in IT services and cloud computing technology. Small-to-mid size businesses and organizations have seen a astronomical jump in interest and aquisition of cloud IT services.

So what is exactly is this mysterious cloud? It's simple really: your connection to the Internet physically runs from your office to a local central office. From there it is routed out into that loose collection of servers, computers and network resources that make up what we know as the World Wide Web. The aggregate of those resources plus other proprietary networks is poetically called the cloud.

what is the cloud and cloud technologies

A new study from PaySimple found cloud-based solutions, social media marketing and mobile resources are topping the list of small business technology priorities in 2013. The IT services and adoptions will be utilized to improve functionalities such as back office, billing and accounting, while enhancing management of staff, locations and mobile networks. According to the research:

  • 50 percent of small businesses plan to increase cloud-based technology deployments in 2013
  • 53 percent plan to run more functions on mobile devices
  • 77 percent plan to use the new technology to drive productivity with existing staff levels

Demand for cloud hybrid services

Another study indicated many companies are looking for cloud services that also include cloud-like visibility and control functionality, creating a hybrid environment for greater agility and optimization of the collaboration platforms. Cloud adoption continues to rise, but many enterprises are placing greater emphasis on co-location capabilities. The resulting hybrid IT services deliver the benefits of the cloud such as automation, self-service, real-time insights and remote oversight, with traditional colocation environments to increase visibility, streamlined management and cost control features. The study discovered:

  • 88 percent of clients desire cloud-based bandwidth monitoring features
  • 85 percent want cloud-based power utilization
  • 76 percent wish to engage in server health monitoring
  • 67 percent hope to use cloud solutions to improve inventory management
  • 72 percent called for integration of cloud computing with existing IT infrastructure and services

The findings of the study suggest clients want to create a unified management system to oversee all operations on the network and throughout the IT infrastructure ecosystem. Because some clients may not benefit from just cloud computing or colocation services, the hybrid platform aims to integrate benefits from both services for an agile approach to market demands and innovation objectives.

Many small and medium-sized businesses may not have the resources to manage a transition to the cloud alone. We have expert IT consultants on staff to help an organization determine the best cloud service that suits its needs and budget. This allows a company to embrace the benefits of cloud computing - such as improved inventory management and employee mobility - and manage all of the associated moving parts, such as mobile devices, computers and more. 

Whether you're just starting the conversation about conversion to cloud technology, or you know what you want - take a look at our numerous cloud solutions and services.