Green business integration discussed at recent conference


Green business integrationThere are many forms of business integration solutions that companies worldwide are implementing to improve productivity, efficiency and cost savings. Because each industry or enterprise has unique goals and mission statements, many business integration tools are able to be customized to meet specific needs of the organization. As a result, companies in a variety of fields are looking to business integration technology as a means of expanding into new markets, connecting partners and departments throughout a supply chain and creating clear channels of communication with customers, clients, partners and employees.

One trending use of business integration solutions seen in a number of sectors is the implementation of green business strategies and operations into enterprise models. Companies are looking for green technology and solutions to help lower energy costs, improve efficiency of resource use and reduce their carbon footprint or environmental impact on the local area. Business integration tools that enable companies to seamlessly add green or sustainable business strategies into departments and operations will help companies achieve these goals with minimal investment in infrastructure or manpower to deploy.

Sustainability Applied Conference
The Toronto Metro Convention Center is recently played host to a two-day conference dedicated to integrating sustainability practices throughout all aspects of an enterprise. The Sustainability Applied Conference worked to offer relevant information and insight for small and medium businesses worldwide, offering applicable topics and information sessions to address common concerns in the industry today. Attendees had access to hands-on workshops, plenary sessions and corporate achievement awards throughout the event, as they networked with like-minded professionals and listened to keynote speakers share best practices and innovations guiding companies on the path toward sustainability.

A number of successful guest speakers shared their experiences and advice at the event, discussing corporate leader and new technology, and how the two play a major role in the evolution toward sustainability commerce. Panel discussions allowed attendees to have open conversations with experts and peers in a variety of industries regarding sustainability practices, challenges and hurdles they must overcome.

Leadership toward sustainability will be the topic of choice for one panel discussion led by Bob Willard, sustainability expert, while another discussion on implementing strategies and actions that produce operational and supply chain efficiencies will be led by a group of senior executives in the industry. This session focused more on how sustainability leads to value creation for business, while the former addressed specific roles throughout the business model each employee will play to obtain sustainability across an organization.