IBM and AT&T Launch Secure Network-Enabled Cloud Services

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Cloud IT Services reach new heights
Well-known and respected IT services providers IBM and AT&T recently entered into a business agreement to deliver highly secure network-enabled cloud services for private networks, stepping away from only catering to public networks. The global cloud services will be a combination of AT&T virtual private networking and IBM SmartCloud Enterprise cloud capabilities. One-of-its-kind technology from AT&T Labs will help create a fast and secure shared cloud service that businesses can leverage to expand IT operations without investment in physical infrastructure or maintenance.

The new service is targeting companies of all sizes that want to expand into global markets rather than remain in a domestic niche. The new, powerful option will allow clients to deploy and take advantage of customizable packages and cloud-based technology with heightened levels of security and availability. Because both security concerns and availability issues have been major hindrances for companies looking to get into the cloud, AT&T and IBM worked together to address these issues head on with their new services.

How it works
The latest cloud packages from IBM and AT&T connect IBM cloud computing resources across the ever-secure AT&T virtual private networks. The new technology works to integrate the security enhancements offered by both giant IT providers so clients can shift information or applications between data centers and locations fast and efficiently. The technology will focus on private networks but offer the capabilities to connect businesses between both private and public clouds in an instant.

These new enhancements are key for many businesses, as cloud-based technology is meant to increase flexibility and adaptability of an enterprise to sway with market and consumer fluctuations. The cloud must also, however, provide gridlock security to protect applications and data as it is transferred between devices, locations and networks. The proliferation of smartphone and mobile technology usage is making flexibility and security of even greater importance to the modern enterprise.