Cloud-based warehouse management systems expand operations


warehouse management system, an online retailer, recently upgraded its IT infrastructure to include cloud-based warehouse management software to enhance its distribution operations. The company was recently named one of the top 500 fastest growing companies by Internet Retailer and is hoping the latest technology implementation will further accelerate the enterprise's introduction into new markets.

Why warehouse management?
Josh Klaristenfeld, co-founder and executive vice president of operations at, explained that the company was observing the birth and growth of cloud-based technology solutions over the past several years, becoming familiar with the infrastructure and learning about the ways it could benefit its ecommerce platform. learned that transitioning to the cloud was not a one-step process, but rather called for training and investment in technology to make the conversion complete.

"When it was time to update our warehouse management system, we decided this was a great opportunity to try out a cloud-based solution," Klaristenfeld said. "We were ultimately able to build more flexible, more reliable architecture for our WMS that should provide 99.999 percent uptime. The cost, scalability and app optimization benefits are definitely the biggest plus, and we look forward to migrating more of our platform to the cloud in the coming year!"

Benefits of warehouse management
In a blog piece for Logistics Viewpoints, Chuck Fuerst, director of product strategy for a software provider, explained how advanced warehouse management systems and software can help a company achieve higher levels of product safety and security, while also boosting operational performance.

Through the use of automated processes, warehouse management technology provides manufacturers with data collection, product tracking and other valuable processes automatically, eliminating manual tasks that are time consuming and riddled with human error. The automated systems offer more reliable, on-demand information to companies, allowing managers to respond faster to product recall situations and more accurately determine costs throughout the supply chain process, Fuerst said.

In addition, warehouse management systems help businesses meet regulatory demands and achieve a high level of detail which will simplify reporting processes and enable faster fixes to any problems that arise. For example, by quickly identifying batch numbers and location through a simplified process, companies can accelerate decision making through one report, Fuerst explained.