Secure file transfer, and SAP integration come together


iStock 000017376317Small resized 600There are many digital systems behind every successful business. Companies need to make sure their data is safe when it moves from system to system, as well as find ways to move information in and out of SAP applications. A new managed file transfer solution anticipates these needs with built-in SAP integration, meaning that files can flow quickly and automatically through systems that include SAP components.

The new SEEBURGER Managed File Transfer for SAP is a bridge between SAP systems and the rest of a company's infrastructure. The solution can take control of all data movement within a company, both SAP and non-SAP.

The information is encrypted automatically and will remain highly visible in case of outside audits. The new tool makes a centralized log of all transactions, meaning IT departments never have to dig through complicated processes to track information through the systems.

Companies can even perform B2B integration from within their SAP interface.

The importance of file transfer

Companies increasingly require secure and fast ways to move information between partners. This need is the result of globalization and the general business speed upgrades enabled by cloud computing. With data loss running rampant, close partners scattered over a wide geographic area, and competitors increasing speed to force companies' hands, the imperative to move information from one place to another has become one of the most important for businesses.

Integrating SAP and non-SAP solutions with one central application means that companies lose one step of conversion and must overcome a speed bump in the data transfer process. With SAP offering a wide variety of extremely popular office products and adding more capabilities all the time, finding a way to bring those solutions directly into the integration process could be a boon to well-connected companies.

SAP and supply chains

Companies wondering why SAP integration is such an important feature can look to the latest round of supply chain management applications on offer by the German software giant, as a number of them have benefits for various procurement functions.

The company recently announced the results of its successful large-scale deployment of SAP Forecasting and Replenishment at British retailer B&Q, an enormous home improvement wholesaler. It used the SAP application to automate functions up and down the supply chain. The software takes note of nventory quantities and demand across the entire chain, helping employees make informed and collaborative decisions.

Next generation supply chains need a solid foundation: