Demand rises for applications to come together


As a recent Register report indicated, business applications perform a wide variety of advanced functions. In a connected enterprise environment, IT decision-makers want these apps to communicate with one another. Uniting the systems that control resource management, relationship management and data collection means a more agile business model and the ability to outstrip rivals in efficiency.

Desire for A2A integration

The Register found companies are eager to combine their business systems, even if the original software developers were not. The source stated that in the modern workplace, there are applications to control industrial machinery, to track entire fleets of vehicles and to make sure that those vehicles are moving along optimized routes.

Unfortunately, most of these programs are "impenetrable" according to the source, and intentionally so, as this means that companies are locked into a specific software ecosystem. This lack of connection in the programs themselves has led to the desire to seek out A2A integration, ways to make data from one application usable in the others.

Integration for all businesses

The news source reported that A2A integration is a common practice among enterprise organizations. A new wrinkle, however, has come from the entrance of small to medium-sized businesses into the conversation.

The cloud has enabled SMBs to run instances of a wide variety of enterprise applications and databases. This means that companies of all sizes are now running assorted applications, with the same need to connect them. The source pointed out that the need for custom A2A development is especially pronounced among these companies, as most middleware meant to enable connectivity is designed for large clients.

SAP applications draw interest

According to IT Business Edge, applications that have drawn interest from an integration standpoint are SAP programs. According to the source, making SAP data work with products from other developers has been a particular challenge. New applications focused on customer engagement, according to the source, are largely incompatible with the common SAP systems when deployed, making SAP integration an urgent task for IT departments.

Small business A2A integration and SAP integration are due to cross over, as SAP itself has recently announced a number of products for the SMB market. While large-scale SAP integrations can be out of the price range of small buyers, the developer has embraced the cloud for its line of OnDemand products.