How to decide on a B2B integration solution

Companies today face the dual challenge of promoting collaboration across the organization and among business partners while still protecting the confidential data that makes the process worthwhile.

Through the rise of consumerization and cloud computing, numerous tools that emphasize collaboration have made their way into the enterprise. But it's important for companies to promote their own business integration solutions to ensure that information is exchanged in a secure manner that won't hinder productivity and efficiency.

A recent Network World report outlined what every organization should look for when selecting a B2B integration or collaboration tool.

While consumer technology can certainly be used to transmit files and documents, the tools are often insecure and pose a data breach threat, according to the report. Much of this consumer technology, which is also most often free, lacks the appropriate data security measures needed to protect confidential information. 

b2b integration solution
That's why, according to the report, a file transfer solution should include capabilities for monitoring and safeguarding company data.

"When looking for a solution, make sure you have the ability to set automated security policies to validate recipients, set workspace and file expiration dates as well as multi-tier access and permissions to workspaces and files," Network World contributor Paula Skokowski stated.

Also, a company should take file sizes into account when selecting a B2B integration solution. In addition to the growth in the amount of data companies are now producing, the actual size of the files is also on the rise, according to experts.

With that in mind, a company will want to ensure its new transfer solution can handle the data it needs to send and receive. Many consumer technologies, such as email and file transfer protocol, however, place restrictions on the size of files that can be sent. If employees use such tools, companies may be unable to leverage the data they need.

A SYS-CON Media report published last month identified several steps that all companies should take when deploying a secure file transfer solution. First, the news provider said, companies should get all employees on the same page by convincing them to buy into the new solution. Then, auditing the information the organization produces and transmits will provide a better idea of what data security measures should be put in place.