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The shift toward cloud ERP: Top business advantages

Posted on Mon, Jan 26, 2015

Within the last few years, there has been a massive shift toward cloud-based business management systems. There are considerable advantages to transitioning from an on-premise environment to one accessed solely via the Web, especially when it comes to enterprise resource planning. 

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Tags: NetSuite, ERP

B2B marketplace: Increasing investments in omni-channel commerce

Posted on Tue, Jan 20, 2015

Study shows B2B suppliers are investing more in omni-channel commerce

According to the recent Forrester report “Building the B2B Omni-Channel Commerce Platform of the Future,” investments in omni-channel e-commerce solutions by B2B manufacturers have considerably risen recently.

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Tags: e-commerce, omni-channel, order management, NetSuite

U.S e-commerce: A global comparison

Posted on Fri, Jan 16, 2015

E-commerce has become a major market in the U.S., particularly with the influx of retailers striving to enable omni-channel commerce. Although last year's e-commerce sales hit a high note for North America, the rise of global markets, including those in Asia and the U.K., are increasing global competition. 

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Tags: e-commerce, omni-channel

IBM at the National Retail Federation convention: Customer analytics for omni-channel success

Posted on Wed, Jan 14, 2015

This week is the National Retail Federation's annual convention, nicknamed "Retail's BIG Show," and for good reason. This is one of the largest gatherings of the biggest names in the retail industry, including service providers and experts from omni-channel, e-commerce, B2B commerce and other sectors.

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Tags: IBM, Smarter Commerce, omni-channel, multi-channel retail

Spotlight on IBM Sterling partnership: File transfer, data management and integration solutions

Posted on Mon, Jan 12, 2015

Enterprises today require a whole host of solutions to ensure that their mission-critical data remains secure in every instance. Whether transferring files internally or integrating information with a partnering organization, certain technology is key to help guarantee that these activities take place in a safeguarded environment.

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Tags: b2b integration, IBM, managed file transfer

Top 3 order management tips for the new year

Posted on Fri, Jan 09, 2015

With the new year just around the corner, many people are making goals for 2015, and businesses are no different. A main aim of many enterprises is to improve their order management systems and processes in order to ensure that customers receive the best services possible. This is essential for all companies, but particularly important for those that have omni-channel commerce strategies in place.

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Tags: NetSuite

Supply chain management in 2015: Top tech, demand and cost challenges

Posted on Thu, Jan 08, 2015

In order to keep pace with today’s competitive global supply chains, companies must ensure they are utilizing current supply chain technologies to increase efficiency and keep up with customer demand.

In addition, today there is an array of issues and considerations that supply chain supervisors must keep in mind, including the following:

1) The Internet of Things

The IoT seems to be disrupting processes in nearly every industry these days, including enterprise supply chain management. Material Handling & Logistics contributor Luis Humberto Eraña reported that Gartner research predicts that the IoT will have a considerable impact on supply chains, especially when it comes to dealing with current challenges. The growing number of connected systems and sensors that make up the IoT - poised to reach 26 billion units by 2020 - will likely provide new opportunities for supply chain management. Read More

Tags: supply chain management

Post-holiday supply chain management: Challenges and opportunities

Posted on Tue, Jan 06, 2015

As the holiday season comes to a close, many retailers are looking forward to breathing a sigh of relief. With holiday orders completed and items shipped off, supply chain managers may think their stressors are all out of the way for the year. However, the end of the year - specifically the week between Christmas and New Years - can bring a number of new challenges, as well as some key opportunities.

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Tags: supply chain community management, supply chain visibility, supply chain management

A look at Cloud ERP: Choosing the best solution

Posted on Mon, Dec 29, 2014

Companies today are constantly dealing with the changes that come with a growing enterprise. One of the biggest challenges that goes along with an expanding business's lifecycle is selecting the best technology that can shift alongside the organization. For this reason, many decision-makers are looking toward the cloud for a range of software-based capabilities, including enterprise resource planning.

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Tags: NetSuite

Brick-and-mortar retailers turn to omni-channel commerce strategies

Posted on Fri, Dec 19, 2014

A number of brick-and-mortar retailers are seeking strategies to keep up with their e-commerce counterparts. Although vendors existing mainly in the physical realm are still seeing success, their revenues are falling behind that of e-commerce firms. As a result, many companies - in both the online and physical spaces - are turning to omni-channel commerce strategies to boost their profits and better serve their customers.

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Tags: omni-channel

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